Riddle For The Intelligent Mind

We travelled the sea far and wide. At one time, two of my sailors were standing on opposite sides of the ship. One was looking West and the other East, and at the same time, they could see each other clearly. How can that be possible? Riddle culled from:www.doriddles.com. (See the answer at the end

Kika Onyibe tells her story….

In January, I and another young man pulled together a team to launch an NGO called The Coalition for Youth Development (C.Y.D). Its members comprise young Nigerian students either in university or their final year of high school in different parts of the world. It is completely youth-led and focused. At C.Y.D we believe that ‘nothing about
Congratulations to our 2015 Bloom fellows on the conclusion of the second term and as you prepare to round up your final year. How time flies! It is very important that you send in your project report to let us know how you have been impacting your environment positively with your leadership skills. We would