The Power of Vision

I had just walked into the Principal’s office when I heard him ask Joseph “what is your vision for the next 1, 2 and 5 years?” I was taken aback. Joseph was my classmate and we had just graduated into the Senior Secondary School, how could the Principal be asking Joseph about his vision for the next five years? He didn’t even stop at 1 year; he went as far as five years! All we wanted was to graduate and get into a higher institution.

The question on vision plagued me for days, and I soon decided to sit to write down what I wanted out of life. This became my driving force; my grades went up like a shooting star and didn’t relent. Today I am a successful surgeon, with my own my hospital. This is what my “mind’s-eye” saw, while in Secondary School, and today it is a reality.

A simple definition of vision is a mental picture of who you would like to be and what you would love to do; it’s all about what you want to get out of life. A vision will guide you towards the right choices and propel you into the life of your dreams.

Many times, young people think only fully grown adults should worry about having a vision, but visionless teenagers and adolescents often end up becoming frustrated adults. Your youth affords you time to know who you are and where you would like to head to. Don’t wait until you are 30years of age to begin to think about what you want to be.

The first step in achieving your vision is to write it down, clearly. Get a pen and a paper and describe what you imagine when you think about yourself five years from now. It’s that simple!

3 tips on writing your life vision

Dare to dream big: We live in a world with endless possibilities; therefore, you should permit yourself to dream big. Whatever you can see in your mind is achievable. Don’t let anyone tell you it is impossible. Write it down and work towards achieving it.

Your vision should be specific: Most people say “I want to change the world”, which is not specific. A vision should capture how you intend to change the world. You have to be specific when writing down your life vision. Write down details of the mental picture you see. It may not be clear at first, write it down anyway and keep honing it.

Pay attention to what makes you stand out: Remember that your vision has nothing to do with the kind of clothes and shoes you wear. Focus on the things that are important, such as your values, your talents and the little details that make you different. These will help you craft your vision. The gifts and talents we have are a pointer to what we were created to do.

Napoleon Hill once said “cherish your visions and dreams as they are the blueprint of your ultimate achievements”.  Keep those visions alive and act on them.