Kika Onyibe tells her story….

In January, I and another young man pulled together a team to launch an NGO called The Coalition for Youth Development (C.Y.D). Its members comprise young Nigerian students either in university or their final year of high school in different parts of the world. It is completely youth-led and focused. At C.Y.D we believe that ‘nothing about us, without us, is for us’.

The vision behind the NGO is to create a platform for youth to take responsibility for their own development and that of their society. We aim to encourage both business and social entrepreneurship as well as to spark patriotism in youth. In terms of personal development and character, we want to address certain issues commonly faced by youth and to present solutions that they can actually relate to.

So far, we have launched two online campaigns (because the online platform is a very good way to reach our target audience). The first was  #IAmAConcernedYouth where we got young people expressing their political views and learning about current affairs in the country; while the second is our ROOTS campaign which is aimed at educating youth on their history to enable them better understand their identity as Nigerians and equipping them to tackle the future.

I’m so thankful to Bloom for prompting the social entrepreneur in me. The encounters with Ndidi Nwuneli and Gbenga Sesan, certainly did it for me. However, I still need more in terms of growth and experience. I’m still learning but so far, it’s been great.

Kika Ebiye-Onyibe is a 2015 Bloom Fellow. She attended the Leadership Week as an AS2 student of BridgeHouse College